Add some blackcurrant!

For its acidulous aroma, its bright color and its nutrients – a pleasant change

  • large and small quantities
  • organic and traditional
  • IQF (individually quick frozen) as per your needs

Diversify with taste
Add variety in your menu.  The blackcurrant is a fruit to discover for its unique flavour characteristic and versatility.

Spark your creativity
You can incorporate delicious blackcurrant in your recipes.  It’s the fruit of a thousand possibilities.  Experience new pleasures on your plate. 

Contact us for more details about this fabulous fruit.

Our expertise, the smart choice
Our farm produces blackcurrant and small fruits mostly organic, on many acres of land.  Come and visit us for all your needs.

It’s all about potatoes
Potatoes were the first vegetables grown on La Ferme du Capitaine Noël, and we still enjoy growing it.  Offered in many varieties for cooking purposes (table, food processing), such as the “Spunta”, a long-shaped, savory yellow-fleshed potato with a deep flavour, it is suitable for french fries, mashed potatoes and au gratin.  A new arrival: the “Ratte” is a small firm-fleshed potato with a rich flavour.   

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