New and unique in Quebec ! Convert your wines and fermenting liqueurs into high quality vinegars.

Bring an added value to your production.

Our vinegar house can help you develop and offer your own personalized vinegars to your clients.  In a rewarding partnership with you, let us bring our expertise that will require no effort on your part.  Contact us for more information.

Pay no tax

Take advantage of a new product that will not be subjected to government taxes, therefore more profitable for you.

Create your own!

Inspired by our ancestors’ traditional clever methods, our vinegar production complies with a centennial tradition by using a natural acedification process.  With a view to expanding, let’s innovate together to create fresh new products and see profitable results within the first year.

Contact us now for a “taste test” with your wines and other products.

❊ larger line of products, no effort

❊ natural and traditional acedification

❊ organically certified (if required)

❊ low costs – identifiable benefits

❊ bottling if desired

❊ excellent value added



418 829-2614

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