Vincent NoelWe can’t insist enough on the importance of Vincent Noël’s expertise at  la Ferme du Capitaine Noël.

From a very young age, Vincent Noël assisted his parents and was involved in the farming operations.  In 1993, he became the owner of the family farm.  During this first year, he set up his first blackcurrant plantation intended for the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ).

In 2000, Vincent Noël became the most important producer of blackcurrant in Eastern Canada.  The next year, he bought a blackcurrant harvester, first of its kind in Canada.  This was a major event that came to the attention of the media.

How did this man become interested in vinegar?

In 2001, he acquired his first traditional processing plant to process and develop blackcurrant products. Then arose new product ideas, such as aromatized vinegars and later, he created his own wine vinegar with blackcurrants.  Surprisingly satisfied with the outcome, he developed a significant interest for vinegars.

Gradually, he gathered information to develop and maintain his knowledge and to acquire his skills locally and with academic researchers from the University of Guelph in Ontario and in England. He pursued his research in France, Poland, Austria, the United States, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Bringing together information, research and innovation, the vinegar artisan was born. Vinegar maker

A few years later, Vincent Noël and France Gagnon were married.  France Gagnon,  a naturopath, was interested in every aspect of the blackcurrant and its therapeutic properties. Together, they created CASS’ISLE D’ORLÉANS products, with a typically traditional vinegar house, inspired by European and Quebecois styles.  They named it  La Vinaigrerie Cass’Isle d’Orléans.

Vincent Noël and France Gagnon family


It was in 2007 that the first blackcurrant wine vinegar finally met the expectations of the owners and artisans.

In April 2009, the vinegars were elaborated in a brand new cellar, for the aging process.  The white currant and red currant vinegars were promptly introduced to complement the existing successful blackcurrant vinegar.

In June 2010, with much determination, a beautiful boutique was opened: Cass’Isle d’Orléans situated approximately 150 meters from La Vinaigrerie, on Chemin Royal, maintaining the patrimonial characteristics of the village of St-Jean. A wide range of delicious products issued from the blackcurrant products are now available: spread, syrup, coulis, vinaigrettes, ketchup and much more…

On your next visit on Ile d’Orléans, we invite you to discover the beauty of the countryside. Our front veranda overlooks the St-Lawrence River in front of the boutique and you can enjoy Capitaine Noël’s little waterfall on our back terrace.  Come take advantage of our peaceful rustic setting while sipping a delicious cup of coffee or for a taste of our blackcurrant gelato and other local specialties.

Since the spring 2011, eight distinctive vinegars are produced in our vinegar house; half of them are certified organic.

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