Large Spout Glass Demijohns

Large Spout Glass Demijohns

Truly an Art!

Besides committing to the management and true craftsmanship of a slow and natural unfiltered fermentation, our goal is to achieve excellence in the elaboration of our vinegars (most of which are certified organic) and to bring out the quality properties of the fruits selected.  Furthermore, our fruit vinegars are derived from a very specific strain of bacteria imported from Europe.

We have developed and adapted, to our cultural and agricultural reality, many traditional fabrication methods in accordance with the severity of the weather and the restrictions of our modern daily life.  The vinegar cellar has been quite a challenge for us, due to our severe winter conditions…

Wine Vinegar Development

Let’s point out that our vinegars are made from a double fermentation: the first one with the wine (vinification) and from this, a second fermentation into vinegar (acetification).  This acetification by the acetobacter bacteria is slow and natural and may vary in time, from six to nine months, depending on the wine and the fruits selected during the process.

The aging process takes place in our cellar, for over a year, either in different essence wooden barrels or in glass demijohns.

This is how, in April 2007, the first small fruit wine vinegars were developed.  In light of our successful organic blackcurrant wine vinegar, we promptly proceeded with the white and red currant vinegars.

Since the spring of 2011, eight distinctive vinegars are being produced in our cellar, four of which are certified organic.

Embrace the tradition!

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